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Certified Sofer STAM, Yitzhak Winer, is available to serve all your Torah Scroll needs.  Yitzhak began his sacred mission more than twenty years ago when he was initiated into the scribal arts as a young Yeshiva student in the Land of Israel. Today, Yitzhak and his experienced and dedicated team of corresponding scribes (all Sofrei STAM themselves), carry on their holy work in the United States and throughout the world.

Their objective is to serve the ritual needs of individuals, synagogues, and the Jewish community in any and all matters regarding Torah Scrolls, while maintaining the highest levels of Halakha (Jewish ritual law) and Massorah (Age old Jewish tradition). 

TorahScroll.com can help you if you want to:

  • Commission a Sofer Stam to custom-write a Torah Scroll (6-12 months)

  • Buy an already completed new Torah Scroll from our available selection (immediately)

  • Buy a previously owned Scroll (Certified Kosher)

  • Sell or donate a Scroll you already own

  • Have your Torah appraised

  • Have a Torah Scroll examined and/or repaired

  • Rent a Scroll for a specific ritual event

  • Lease a Scroll for a longer period of time

  • Store a Torah Scroll (short- and long-term options available)

We treat our clients with the highest degree of respect, just as we respect the various tools of our craft: the parchment, the ink, the quill.  For over fifteen years, we have offered timely and dependable service to our clients. We will be happy to provide, upon request, testimonials and references from among our many satisfied clients

For more information about Yitzchak Winer see about the Sofer page.