Yitzchak Winer Certified  Scribe

Sofer Stam


A Torah Scribe



Beautiful Ashkenaz 350-400 years old

Origin and date

This Torah is a typical Ashkenaz Torah which means it was written in the broad aria of Germany (at that time Germany was much bigger and included other countries around). The Torah is very long size (25 inches parchment) as it is common in antique ashkenaz Torahs. There are many special characters and crowns all over in this Torah as it is an ancient tradition from thousands of years ago that was kept by the ashkenazic until few hundreds years ago. Those special characters has a kabalistic meaning to them but because the confusion of where and how to draw them the scribes were ordered to stop adding them to the Torah. This Torah which is between 350-400 years ago is still decorated with those special beautiful characters and crowns as you can see in the pictures. The date of this Torah is based on very specific details in the shape of the letters which is clearly belongs to 350-400 years ago.


The Torah was preserve in a very good condition. The letters are dark black and there are no cracks. The parchment is clean and nice. It is rare to find this old of a Torah in such a good condition.

The Torah is kosher to read from for services.