Yitzchak Winer Certified  Scribe

Sofer Stam


A Torah Scribe



Beautiful German Velish small  size Torah Scroll

Origin and date


This Torah Scroll is beautifully written Ashkenaz-German Torah Scroll.  The Torah was written in the aria of Germany. According to the script the Torah should be about 80-120 years old. The script is very nice which can fit to any community. This script called Velish and this style of script was used by descendant of the Spanish Jews who fled to Germany from Spain in the 1400's. There is few pieces of paper on the back of the torah written in German was strengthen our assumption of the origin of this Torah. This Torah was rescued from Germany during ww2 and was brought to Israel after the war where it was used in a synagogue until recently.


Size and Condition

The Torah is 15 inches parchment and very light weight. It is perfect for travel or to keep at home. It weighs about 4-5 LBS which makes it easy to carry or travel. The Torah was preserve in a very good condition. The letters are dark black and there are no cracks. The parchment is clean.

 The Torah will be given after complete checking and inspecting process to make sure it is 100% Kosher