Yitzchak Winer Certified  Scribe

Sofer Stam


A Torah Scribe

Sofer Stam Yitzchak Winer

As a young yeshiva student in Jerusalem, I studied and apprenticed under many of the leading Soferim in Israel, acquiring the requisite level of Halakhic  learning and technical skills to become a Certified Sofer Stam (Ritual Scribe of Torah Scrolls, Tefillin, and Mezzuzot), in 1999.

After practicing Safrut for several years in my native Israel, I moved to the United States when I met and married my wife and we began our own family (Baruch Hashem, we have been blessed with three beautiful children.) After my arrival in the US, I soon discovered that there was a pressing need within the American Jewish community for quality scribes to inspect and repair the many Torah Scrolls found in synagogues around this country, many of which had lain for years or even decades without being regularly used or examined. I now began to work with the older generation of scribes, and assimilated the customs and traditions that they had learned from their own teachers in previous generations. In this way, I added to my training and became “a new link in an ancient chain,” thus continuing the millenia-old tradition of Safrut among the Jewish people.

I soon began to operate my own full-service Torah Safrut enterprise which has, Baruch HaShem, flourished over the past years. With connections to the community of Soferim in both the United States and Israel, I have assembled a consortium of skilled scribes to help satisfy the growing demands of the American Jewish community. We have been able to provide a full range of Safrut-related services, including the creation and fulfillment of custom commissions for the creation of Torah Scrolls; Completed Torah Scrolls; Buying or selling of previously owned Scrolls; Repairs; Appraisals; Rentals and Leases. We are also one of the country’s leading wholesale distributors of Tefillin, Mezzuzot, and Megillot.

In the many years I have spent going to synagogues to inspect their Torah Scrolls, I began to learn more about the fascinating world of ancient Torah scrolls. It has been my good fortune to have been part of the team that Identified and studied two of the oldest Sifrei Torah in the world (See more about this at ANCIENT TORAH SCROLLLS LINK)

The largest part of my business remains the most spiritually rewarding. There is a special joy for me to be able to locate, save, and repair an old Torah Scroll in order to help give it a new life in a new Jewish home. Whether I am taking a used Torah Scroll in desperate need of repairs, and transforming it into a quality Torah Scroll that is halakhically suitable for reading in the synagogue, or writing a brand-new Sefer Torah to be dedicated in honor of a life-cycle event, or in memory of a beloved family member, I am always grateful that Hashem has blessed me with the opportunity to earn my livelihood while delving in the Holy Torah.

Finally, I take it as a matter of both halakhic obligation as well as personal ethics, to maintain the very highest standards of trustworthiness, approaching every business matter in a fair and honest way and to deal with both those I buy from and those I sell to, with the utmost respect as befits an endeavor so basically rooted in our Holy Torah.