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For many communities, especially small ones, the cost of buying a new Torah scroll can prohibitive. Here, at torahscroll.com, we offer a wide selection of used restored Torah scrolls.
All the restored Torah scrolls are guaranteed kosher by the certified scribe Yitzchok Sofer. Prices of pre owned Torah scrolls vary from as little as $5,000, and up to $12,000. Please contact us for details on currently available Torah scrolls.
For more information about the restoration process please refer to the Torah restoration page
There are number of points to consider when buying a restored Torah scroll:
  • Condition of the Torah scroll
  • Size and Weight of the Torah scroll
  • Historical and/or Sentimental value
  • Style and quality of writing
  • Type of parchment
Condition of the Torah Scroll
The first thing to look at is the condition of the Torah Scroll. The parchment should still be holding strong and without any tears or creases. The ink should be still black and tightly attached to the parchment. It is common in used Torah scrolls to find that the ink starts to fade and the letters begin cracking.
Size and weight of the Torah Scroll
Often when the Torah is to be used for congregations of young children or older people, a small Torah is much more convenient and practical.  An average size regular new Torah scroll found today is 18-19 inches tall and weighs approximately 10 pounds. An older Torah scroll can sometimes weigh as much as 17-20 pounds and up to 25-30 inches tall. When buying a used Torah scroll, its size should be taken into consideration. Yitzchok Sofer has a wide selection various sizes of used Torah scrolls.
Historical and Sentimental Value
Every pre-owned Torah scroll has its own story and history. Ytzchok Sofer is well regarded for his ability to accurately date and determine origins of old Torah scrolls. Many are pre-Holocaust scrolls that belonged to a communities in Europe, or Sephardic scrolls that originated in North African countries. In his work with antique Torah scrolls, Yitzchok Sofer has also discovered and studied scrolls whose age has been determined at over 500 years, and even one scroll that was carbon-14 dated to be 730 years old. Please refer to the Ancient Torah scrolls page
Style of Writing
When buying a restored Torah scroll, it is important to choose the right style of script - AriZaI, Beit Yosef, or Vellish. For details on these different types of script, please refer to the new Torah Scroll page
Quality of Writing
As with a new Torah scroll, restored Torah scrolls can vary in the quality of the writing, and it is important to properly determine the quality and associated costs needed for your community.
Type of Parchment
Today almost all new Torah scrolls use a shill Parchment which means natural parchment. Often, older Torah scrolls are painted on the backside to make the color are more pure white, and this process can make the Torah scroll heavier and vulnerable to flaking. There is another type of parchment which used to be common among early 20th century Sephardic scribes which is called Mashuach (coated).