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Yitzchok Reisman and his team of scribes are offering the best possible Torah restoration and repair service, they have extensive experience of many years working on countless Torah Scrolls.
With the proper arrangements Yitzchok Reisman or one of his scribes will come to you synagogue wherever in the USA it is to inspect and evaluate you Torah scrolls.  Ones evaluated a written estimate and appraisal will be given to you to decide the next step.
Common Problems with Torah Scrolls that everyone should be aware of
  1. Parchment and the seam between the sections: Many times out of a regular use of the Torah the parchment on the bottom and top could start to rip. Any rips found should be fixed before it expand into the writing and make the torah “Not Kosher” for use. Sometimes the reason for the rips in the parchment is the type of wood rollers used. Wood rollers should have a special part on the bottom to protect the parchment.
  2. Discoloration of the ink: Depends on the type of ink used to write the Torah after number of years the color of the ink can turn brown or light brown. A Sofer should be consulted in this case to determine if the color is still Kosher.
  3. Cracked and broken Letters: Depends on the type of parchment, ink and storage of the Torah the letters can start to crack and break. If you see broken letters in your Torah you will probably need the sofer to take the Torah and fix the problems and take the steps required to prevent the Torah from continuing cracking and breaking.
  4. Wood Rollers or Eitz Chaim: After years of use the wood can come apart and detach.
 From our experience every torah should be inspected every 5 years to make sure the Torah is still kosher.  

Yitzchok Reisman offers antique Torah Scroll evaluation service. See also Ancient Torah Scroll page. Yitzchok will come to your synagogue and evaluate and determine the age and origin of your Torah Scrolls. To read more about this subject please visit theAbout the Sofer page.