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Sofer Stam


A Torah Scribe

Torah Project

A Torah Project is a year long program in which the entire community writes and shares the excitement of bringing a new Torah to their Synagogue. Sofer Yitzchak Winer has Many years experience of directing communities in the journey of bringing a new torah Scroll to their life.
After choosing the right Torah Scroll (see New Torah Scroll page) Yitzchak will come to the synagogue where every adult and child can participate in the writing of the first letters of the Torah Scroll. In this event Yitzchak also will talk to the community and explain all about the Mitzva of writing a Torah scroll and will show and demonstrate the sofer’s work as in the olden days.
To cover the cost of writing a new torah, the congregation may use a fund raising project.
This fund raising may be used to cover other expenses that are important the synagogue. Yitzchak will help and direct the Torah committee in the process of fund raising. Selling the honor of writing letters and dedicating accessories are some of the ideas that can be used for fund raising
Throughout the year Yitzchak will come to the congregation to help participants inscribe the beginnings of each book of the Torah Scroll. Yitzchak will also explain everything any adult or child wants to know about the life of a Sofer today and how it used to be many years ago. He will write everyone’s Hebrew name on a piece of parchment.
The last event is the Torah Scroll dedication where the whole community participates in the finishing of the Torah and everyone can write a letter to actually complete the Torah. The last letters are the most important because they make the Torah to be a kosher and complete.
Optional accessory to the project is a scroll of all the donators written in Hebrew or English to commemorate the participants of the project.