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Ancient torah Scrolls

In this page we would like to present some of very old Torah scrolls from Yitzchok Riesman’s collection. Unfortunately there is a lot of ignorance and confusion about antique Torah Scrolls. Since usually there are no dates on these very old Torah Scrolls and there are not much easy to recognize differences in the scripts, Scribes or even experts make a lot of mistakes.

We chose to bring here few pictures of few interesting Torah scrolls that their age was verified by carbon 14 age test.

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This torah is about 360-500 years old. The scripts and other things suggest that this Torah Scroll came from the area of Germany. Notice the extra Tagim (crowns) and decoration on the letters. The picture on the right shows different speling the word Aharon than we do today.


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This Torah scroll is also Ashkenaz and probably from around Germany. It is around 400 years old. It has a beautiful script and special decorations on top of the letter. It is in kosher condition. Please contact us for a price. See also Used torah Scroll page for information about used Torah scrolls. Notice the beautiful script and the crowns on top. Also look the letters are still black. 


This Torah is verified to be between 550-700 years old and it is definitely from the Spain area. We tend to believe it is from Portugal. Was verified a carbon 14 age test. Notice the beautiful writing and the Deer leather parchment.

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This is Ashkenazy Torah Scroll that was verified to be over 500 years old. We think it is one of the earliest Torah scrolls from Poland.  Notice the spaces between the PSUKIM and the PRASHA SEDURAH (there are two general breaks between paragraphs PTUCHA and STUMA and the third one SDURA disapeared for the last few hunred years). Look how the Paragraph UBEIOM HASHABBAT start and end exactly under the end of the line above it.


This is one of the oldest complete Torah scrolls in the world. This ancient Torah scroll tested to be over 700 Years old. The script and other thing suggest it is from Spain.