Yitzchak Winer Certified  Scribe

Sofer Stam


A Torah Scribe


At Torahscollworld.com we offer variety of Mezuzah Scrolls in a range of prices and sizes. Starting from a basic kosher Mezuzah up to a more Mehudar (fancy) Mezuza. The basic kosher Mezuzah is kosher but the scribe writes the Mezuzah reletivly fast and skips some of the details that are not a must. A Mehudar Mezuzah takes much longer to write and the scribe is being careful not to miss any detail even if it is not a must.

Since the Mezuzah is to our protection from God we recommend buying a better Mezuzah to show our appreciation to the Mitzvah of Mezuzah and hope that God will protect us at our homes.

Please contact us for wholesale prices from 20 Mezuzah scrolls and up.



 Small 2.75 inche affordable Mezuzah. Kosher:

Ashkenaz AR"I          Sefardi         Ashkenaz B"Y



4 inches Kosher Lechatchila Mezuzah:

Ashkenaz AR"I             Ashkenaz B"Y               Sefardi 

4.5 inches kosher Mehudar Mezuzah:

Ashkenaz AR"I